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Magenta Tin Luxury Soy Candle

All Natural Soy Wax Candle
Net Weight – 6.6 oz.



These 6.6 oz. luxury soy candles come in Teal and Magenta and are available with either 2 wood wicks or 3 cotton wicks. With the cotton wicks this is a fast burning, high scent throw candle that lives fast and dies young. Our favorite candle for clearing out an unwanted scent, this candle puts out a ton of our amazing fragrances in a very short order and smells terrific. The wood wicks however transform this candle into a calm and relaxed long burning candle with a great look. You can light a few and enjoy them for hours and hours, but they still put out tremendous amounts of our incredible fragrances. These beautiful candles come with a matching tin lid.

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