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Wax Melts

Our all natural soy wax melts will set the bar to an all new high. Jumbo sized and loaded generously with our intoxicating fragrances, these melts will fill a large room with mesmerizing aroma in no time.

Luxurious Wax Melts Made with Non Toxic Soy Wax

Our wax melts are made with an all natural soy wax blend thats FDA-approved and Kosher-certified. It’s clean burning and holds a high fragrance load to allow those enthralling aromas to stretch their legs. These melts will fill large rooms in short order and, due to the healthy amount of fragrance oil, will keep on giving when those other melts just fade away.

Only the best for our White Fox Family!

Not all fragrance oils are created equal so we meticulously hand pick each fragrance oil from several different suppliers to ensure the best possible result in our products. We strive to bring you the absolute cream of the crop and our process ensures we accept nothing but the best.

Soy Wax Melts From White Fox Candle Company

Everyone knows that a home’s scent can play a huge role in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Our soy wax melts, with their range of pleasing natural scents, can help you create a pleasant ambiance in every room of your home. 

What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are wickless pieces of wax that are scented and often colored. Some come in cubes, while others are available in different shapes, including circles and hearts. Our own wax melts are heart-shaped, with beautiful swirls of color that make them a treat for the eyes. Sizes can also vary; however, they’re typically small as they need to be able to fit in standard wax warmers. As the wax heats and melts, it releases its pleasing scent.

Why Choose Soy Wax Melts Instead of Paraffin Wax Melts?

When it comes to the wax cubes you melt in your home, the types of wax used can really make a difference! Our soy wax melts are made from natural ingredients–from the kosher soy wax to the fragrance oils we use. 

Unlike paraffin wax melts, our soy wax melts have a natural base that originates from organic soybeans. Paraffin wax is composed of petroleum, often scented using artificial fragrance oils, and can release toxic chemicals while it melts. That makes White Fox Candles’ natural soy wax melts the more eco-friendly option. 

Shop with us today for soy wax melts that can help your home smell fabulous!

Responsibly Sourced

We source all of our ingredients responsibly and most of them come from responsible businesses right here in the United States. Whenever possible we use fair trade butters and oils to ensure the places they come from are properly compensated and cared for.

Very Few Plastics Used

Our products are packaged in glass, metal, and paper only and our insulated mailers and box liners are the only plastics we use in the entire process.

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