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A small, wholesome, family owned business that brings you luxurious products, handcrafted in the USA, that you can use with confidence.

White Matte Tumbler Luxury Soy Candle in Lemongrass

The Candeler

Our founder Angelica has been experimenting with different combinations of all our products for years at home. She was always searching for a new way to exfoliate or moisturize to improve the quality of her skin. She made candles for herself, so she knew what she was burning in her own home around her children. As her husband I can attest to her regimen and her incredible results.

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Organic & Fair Trade Candles, Soaps & More

From all natural soy wax melts and candles to incredibly effective scrubs and soaps we have the luxurious products you’ve been waiting for.

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Recent additions to the White Fox family of incredible luxury.

Responsibly Sourced

We do our best to ensure all our products are made responsibly and sustainably. Whenever possible we source our butters and oils from suppliers that carry the Fair Trade Certification. This mark guarantees the supply chain is handled in an environmentally conscious, economically reasonable, and ethically prudent manner and is audited regularly by an accredited third party.