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Whipped Body Butter – Orange


Made with only the finest 100% organic ingredients

Our whipped body butter is a lightweight, all organic blend with coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. This carefully balanced blend is designed to melt into your skin effortlessly, giving you long lasting moisture while efficiently delivering those amazing essential oils deep into your skin and beyond. Organic orange essential oil has an incredible fresh, clean citrus scent and is known to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. Its uses are many but perhaps its greatest function is its powerful effect on the mind. It’s widely used by aromatherapists to bring up the mood, relax the mind, and ease depression and anxiety.

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Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Orange oil has likely been used in the East for thousands of years. Believed to have originated in China long ago, it has powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and has even been known to be an antispasmodic. Its superpower, however, is its effect on the mind, and it has the amazing ability to improve one’s mood, ease depression and anxiety, and put you in a state of bliss. We only use orange oil that is certified organic, cold pressed, and 100% pure.